Belgrade Land Development Public Agency is commencing construction of Stage 1 of a new road section around the centre of Belgrade called “Inner City Semi-Ring Road” (ICSRR) with a third major road bridge across Sava River and associated approach roads, connecting Toshin Bunar to Radnicka intersection.

The project is being co-financed by the City of Belgrade (the City), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and other financiers.

In order to assist with the implementation of the project, the City of Belgrade has selected a Consultant to perform the role of Project Manager and Engineer (PME) for the project. Following an international competitive tender, the Louis Berger Group, with main international offices in Washington DC, USA and Paris, France, and representative offices in Belgrade and Bucharest, were awarded the contract for provision of the PME services.

In Summary Project Participants to-date are as follows:
  1. The City of Belgrade – PMU
  2. Land Development Agency of Belgrade – PIU
  3. EBRD
  4. EIB
  5. City Technical Advisor Committee
  6. The Louis Berger Group of Washington, USA and Paris, France – Project Manager and Engineer (PME)
  7. Consortium: "PORR Technobau und Umwelt AG - SCT dd. - DSD Bruckenbau GmbH" - Sava Bridge Design Build Contractor
    The Consortium has engaged following subcontractors to date:
    1. "Leonhard Andra und Partner" (LAP), Germany - Designer
    2. CRSBG, China – Steel Structure Fabrication
    3. Vorspann Technik, Germany in conjunction with BBR, Switzerland – Stay Cables and prestressing cables
    4. Faculty of Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade – Geotechnical Investigations
    5. "Eusani – Hortmans – Zahlten Ingenieurgesellschaft", Germany – Wind Tunnel Testing
    6. "Ponting", Slovenia – Independent Checking Engineer
    7. "BBV" Germany – Post tensioning
  8. Institute "Kirilo Savic", Belgrade – Bridge Works Supervision Consultant
  9. "Hidroprojekt – saobracaj", Belgrade, Serbia – North Approach Roads Detailed Designer
  10. "Centar za puteve Vojvodine" (CPV), Novi Sad, Serbia – South Approach Roads Detailed Designer
  11. IM Projekt, Belgrade, Serbia - Pastroviceva Street Detailed Designer
  12. ”Hidropromet inžinjering“, Belgrade, Serbia - Technical Controller for North Approach Roads and Pastroviceva Street Designs
  13. “Putinvest”, Belgrade, Serbia - Technical Controller for South Approach Roads
  14. Civil Engineering Faculty of Belgrade University – Technical Controller for Sava Bridge
  15. "PMC Inzenjering" – Bridge Site UXO survey
  16. Consortium "Ratko Mitrovic – Niskogradnja doo", "Novkol ad" and "Hidropromet – inzenjering doo", Belgrade – Hippodrome interchange Contractor
As the Project develops, various other service and works contracts are going to be signed and therefore the list of direct Project participants is going to be widened.

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