December 21st 2006: Signing of the Contract for the Project Manager and Egineer Consultants’ Services between Belgrade Land Development Public Agency, Serbia and Louis Berger Group Inc., USA
February 5th 2007: Mobilisation of PME and establishment of offices on Ada Ciganlija
April 04th 2007: Submission of Project Implementation Plan and Tender Documents for the Roads Designers
April 20th 2007: Prequalification for Bridge Contractors launch
May 31st 2007: Development of complete Tender Documents for the Bridge Works Contract
June 04th 2007: Prequalification for Bridge Contractors returned
July 09th 2007: Launching of the tenders for the Detailed Designs of the South Approach Roads and Pastroviceva Street
July 19th 2007: Bridge Tender issued
July 30th 2007: Contract Award for the North Approach Roads Detailed Design
August 16th 2007: Submission of Environmental Action Plan rev. 1
September 14th 2007: Submission of Technical Supervision of the Bridge Works Tender Dossier
September 14th 2007: Contract Award for Paštroviceva Street Detailed Design
September 21st 2007: Contract Award for South Approach Roads Detailed Design
October 09th 2007: Submission of Prequalification and Draft Tender Documents for Supervision of Approach Roads
October 17th 2007: Bridge Tenders returned
December 07th 2007: Submission of Bridge Draft Tender Report
February 04th 2008: Client's Approval of Tender Documents for Approach Roads Works and Supervision
February 12th 2008: EBRD approval to Bridge Tender Report received
April 09th 2008: Signing of the Sava Bridge Design and Build Contract with PORR Technobau und Umwelt AG; SCT dd; DSD Bruckenbau GmbH Consortium
May 21st 2008: Commencement of Works - Sava Bridge.
October 15th 2008: Site installation works - Sava Bridge.
December 1st 2008: First trial pile on pier 7 - Sava Bridge.
March 06th 2009: Launching of the Tender for Hipodrom interchange on Cukarica side - SAR
April 16th 2009: First Work Contract Award for South Approach Road section, Hippodrome Interchange (Section 1A) to the Joint Venture Ratko Mitrovic – Novcol – Hidropromet Inzenjering.
April 20th 2009: Engineer's inspection of the Bridge fabrication shop in China
April 29th 2009: Sava Bridge site 2 hand over
May 07th 2009: First Approach Roads works contract agreement, for Hippodrome Interchange, signed with Joint Venture Ratko Mitrovic – Novcol – Hidropromet Inzenjering
May 08th 2009: Launch of the Bridge Technical Supervision Tender
May 31st 2009: President of Republic of Serbia and Mayor of Belgrade visit Sava Bridge Site
June 01st 2009: Start of Bridge steel segments fabrication in China.
July 10th 2009: Signing of the Bridge Technical Supervision Service Contract
July 13th 2009: Launch of tender for Radnicka Street Interchange Design Competition
July 17th 2009: Completion of piling works at Bridge Pylon location
August 25th 2009: Bridge Contractor concreted first section of the Bridge superstructure
August 29th 2009: First delivery of fabricated steel structural elements to site (back span struts)
September 07th 2009: Issuance of the Building Permit for Hippodrome Interchange
September 16th to 18th 2009: Biggest single concrete pour in the Project – 2800 m3 for the first part of the Bridge Pylon pile cap
October 12th 2009: Completion of bridge pylon foundation
November 20th 2009: Award Ceremony for Radnicka Street Interchange Design Competition
November 23rd 2009: Completion of pier 7
November 25th 2009: Arrival of first fabricated bridge superstructure steel segments to site
February 10th 2010: Bridge Contractor receives possession of site 1
April 13th 2010: Erection of first Main span steel segment T1
May 13th 2010 : Contract signature for conceptual design for Radnicka Street Interchange
July 05th 2010 : Final launch of the bridge Back span
July 14th 2010 : Tenders launched for SAR Radnicka Street Interchange and NAR Lots 1 and 2
August 17th 2010 : First stay cable installation at Sava bridge
September 13th 2010 : Tender Openings for SAR and NAR Lots 1 and 2
September 23rd 2010 : Contracts signed for ICSRR Phases 1B and 1C with "Ratko Mitrovic – Niskogradnja doo", Belgrade
September 27th 2010 : First Side span launch
November 12th 2010 : Signing of Contract Agreement for SAR with PORR Technobau und Umwelt AG, Austria
November 15th 2010 : Signing of Contract Agreement for NAR Lot 2 with SCT d.d., Slovenia
November 29th 2010 : Discovery Channel start filming documentary on Sava bridge project on site
December 08th 2010 : Concrete part of the pylon of Sava bridge completed
December 15th 2010 : Hippodrome Interchange opening to traffic
January 10th 2011 : SAR commencement date
February 05th 2011 : Half of the bridge Main span completed
April 05th 2011: Arrival of the last shipment of Main span steel components from China
April 05th 2011: SAR piling works start (ICSRR North)
April 10th 2011: Completion of the Bridge end span structure
Jun 29th 2011: Signing of new NAR 2 works contract agreement
Jun 30th 2011: Casting of the first span of ICSRR South viaduct superstructure
August 01st 2011: Commencement Date for NAR Lot 2 Works Contract
August 08th 2011: Bridge Closure Ceremony attended by the President of Serbia and the Mayor of Belgrade
August 13th and 14th 2011: Open Bridge days
August 30th 2011: North Ramp 6 substructure completed
September 07th 2011: Completion of erection of 25m stainless steel pylon tip
September 24th 2011: Completion of erection of steel box of composite South Ramp 5
October 16th 2011: Completion of North Ramp 6
October 24th 2011: Start of Bridge asphalting works
October 30th 2011: Completion of ICSRR South viaduct structure
November 14th 2011: SAR ICSRR viaducts structure joins Sava Bridge structure
November 22nd 2011: Start of second layer of asphalt on Sava Bridge
November 23rd 2011: Completion of stay cables tensioning on Sava Bridge
December 9th 2011: Start of Bridge Load Test
January 01st 2012: Opening ceremony for Sava Bridge together with SAR ICSRR viaducts, North and South Ramps
Project Calendar

Proposed New Bridge at night

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